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AR&P architecture

AR&P is an international consulting firm specialised in urban
design, master planning, urban regeneration and architecture.
The main office is established in Genoa, Italy, from where AR&P
operates in Europe, Middle East, China and Far East.
AR&P brings to the Clients the most advanced principles of Urban
Design, Planning and Architecture which are expressed in
European cities, creating the best opportunities for projects to

AR&P’s objective is to design successful developments that are well integrated
with the existing context and are based on long term view.
The design is always based on a deep understanding of the Clients’
needs, the existing context, and the local culture: from where the principles 
of the project evolve, introducing a clear vision for the project, innovative ideas, 
and a variety in built form and eco-sustainable solutions.
AR&P operates in connection with Universities and Planning
Authorities, supporting the projects with expertises and
high level of knowledge; therefore providing:
a well integrated team of experts with unique skill capabilities 
as well as extensive international and local experience in
master planning, urban design, and architecture. 

One of the last projects recently delivered in the Middle East by the
team AR&P is the Detail Masterplan for the Urban
regeneration of the City Center of Riyadh.
This 70 Ha mixed use development will become the new symbolic
centre of the Saudi capital, changing the shape and the image
of the central part of the city, and becoming a leading project for
future developments in the surroundings.
AR&P has extensive experience in master planning,
urban design, and landscape architecture, with projects ranging
in size from residential developments to completely new cities
with a full urban program. Some of our master planning experience
is highlighted by the following projects:

• Masterplan and detailed design for a mixed used area in
Bargagli, Italy (residential, retail, sport activities)
• Waterfront of Voltri city renewal and urban design, Voltri,
• Masterplan for tourist and sport district in Gaj pri Pragersken
• Zhu Ji Jiao masterplan and urban design, Shanghai, China
• Luchaogang New Town planning and urban design,
Shanghai, China
• Water Sport Complex for 23rd South East Asian Games
master plan and design, Hanoi, Vietnam