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Riyadh City Centre, KSA


Client: Consortium of Developers.15.47 01/02/2010
Subject: Mix Use - Urban Regeneration Detailed

Project: AR&P with T.Badano, F.Grigò, M.Oddone
Size: 720,000 sqm project site - 1,400,000 sqm GBA

Urban Regeneration of the City Center of Riyadh. The 70 ha mix use Masterplan creates the new representative heart of the Saudi Capital, combining a strong vision for the future with a new image of modernity, innovative architectural solutions, connectivity with the surroundings and symbolic reference to the history.

This complex project will be the starting point of the process of renewal of the entire centre of Riyadh.
The core of the project is outlined by three iconic towers, which are aligned with iconic buildings of the northern part of Riyadh, therefore creating a visual link in the skyline of the city. 
Between the three towers a central square becomes the space for celebrations. From the central square, the north-south pedestrian spine and the westeast green corridors connect the project with the surroundings, forming the first pedestrian area of the city. This pedestrian spine is activated by restaurant, cafes, retails, and key buildings like the National Open Air Museum and the National Gallery. Commercial buildings are located along the project edges, capitalizing the visibility from the existing external roads.

The variety in the project’s layout combines the innovative fabric with curved shape, traditional grid with north-south orientation and historical ‘organic’ road pattern. Urban fabrics are integrated by ‘sun shading’ structures and water features in order to form a micro climate which encourages pedestrian movement. For transport, many entries to the site allow permeability and reduce congestion;  car park facilities are mainly provided underground to reduce the visual impact of cars; integration with public transport (bus and light rail) is also provided.
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