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Genoa Lighthouse, IT


Client: Province of Genoa – G8 Summit Bureau
Subject: Masterplan, Concept and Detail Architecture design of public promenade and heritage urban park

Project: AR&P with T.Badano, F.Grigò, M.Oddone, Studio 4 architetti associati
Size: 1 Km of length
Event: G8 Summit of Genoa
Awarded: Selected Golden Medal Italian Architecture – Triennale di Milano

The project is one of the key constructions planned for the G8 Summit of Genoa. This fantastic promenade has high urban and symbolic value, because reconnects the city center with its Lighthouse, "La Lanterna", which is the symbol of Genoa. 

The project site was previously inaccessible, being part of the commercial port. Therefore the new promenade ‘flies over ‘ the port areas by creating a system of bridges and, following the trace of the 17thCentury city walls, guides visitors in an unusual industrial and historical environment, with exciting sea views. The Promenade ends in the lighthouse’s promontory, where it creates a system of urban parks used for festivals and events.
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