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Cavi-Sestri L promenade, IT


Client: Lavagna City Council
Subject: Detail design Project Competition
Project: AR&P with D'Appolonia S.p.A. and R. De Franchi
Size: 850 m of length  

The theme was the construction of a pedestrian & bicycle path in a coastal area with outstanding landscape but with serious problems: steepness, landslides, erosion and exposure to wave action. The difficulties to insert a new structure are accentuated by the presence of the road S.S. 1 "Aurelia", whose path is almost parallel to the Genoa-Rome railway line.

The budget for the project was very limited, given the need to propose a new structure actually feasible, usable in conditions of safety, and easy maintainable in the time.
After a careful analysis of possible alternatives, the best solution is a mixed route, through embankments and bridges. This solution has good usability, with two small islands, connected to each other and to the coast by 3 footbridges, define a varied and interesting route. At the same time, uses and reinforces the existing artificial reef and creates a strong response to the need to protect the coast, whose problems are also due to land erosion induced by the waves.

The design is also aimed at durability and easy maintenance, and the bridges necessary  to connect the various parts have spans within 35 meters, with restrained cost. 

The proposed works don't have appreciable effects on the dynamics of the current marine; their geometry, with special design, allows to break up and dissipate the force of the waves, ensuring additional protection from the effects of erosion on the rock wall which contains the road tunnel.
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