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Sport Complex, Hanoi, Vietnam


Client: Ministry of Sports of Vietnam
Subject: Masterplan, Concept and Detail Architecture design for the Water Sport Complex

Project: AR&P with T.Badano, F.Grigò, M.Oddone
Size: 90,000 sqm GFA - 5.700 spectators
Event: South East Asian (SEA) Games Vietnam

The Indoor Swimming Stadium of Hanoi has been designed to meet the F.I.N.A. technical requirements for the 2003 SEA Games held in Vietnam. At the same time the project seeks a strong and clear image for the stadium, whose curved roof structure reminds the shape of a ‘whale’. Under the curved roof the modern structure is light and transparent, with glazed facades and reticular steel structures for the roof and the curtain walls.

The service area is centrally located, serving in contemporary the three pools for diving, swimming, and training. This radial scheme works well for the efficiency and to the future maintenance of the plants, where the three pools can operate independently, therefore reducing the consumption of energy. Holding 5.700 spectators simultaneously, the complex is one of the biggest of the world, and is one of the attractions of the city of Hanoi.
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