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Directional, Riyadh City, KSA


Client: Consortium of Developers.
Subject: Concept Architecture design
Size: 720,000 sqm project site - 1,400,000 sqm GBA

The Concept Architecture design for The City Centre of Riyadh has been part of the design program of the detailed masterplan project. The design aims, on one hand, to enhance the new image of innovation and modernity of the project and, on the other hand, to get inspiration for the new design directly from the local culture, traditions and symbolic values.

In addition, within the site different areas have been designed with diverse building typologies, in order to respond to different uses, as well as to reflect the specific location within the site. Therefore the variety of the design is balanced by a total sense of unity and balance.

The central square of the project is surrounded by three iconic skyscrapers, with curved shape and glazed façade protected by shading panels with the shape of a palm leaf. This external skin, once reaches the ground floor becomes a canopy structure which connects the three towers.

The commercial towers on the edges of the developments have modern image, but also refer to the geometric pattern typical of the traditional architecture of Riyadh.
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